Here's Who Rented That Tiny LES Apartment With a Shower in the Kitchen

Last year, we shared this crazy apartment listing with you that featured a shower in the kitchen renting for $1,800 on the Chinatown / LES border.

It has since been rented, and our friends over at Bedford + Bowery recently tracked down the tenant and went to check out the studio to see how they make it work.

The apartment was portrayed as sad and pathetic–“the unicorn of bad NYC real estate”–and its price extravagant, something only a chump would buy into. But Brooke Lucas, who moved in last June, wasn’t deterred by the odd arrangement. In fact, like many people who move to the city chasing a dream, she found it somewhat romantic, a quirky sojourn in her New York adventure. Needless to say, we had to see what she had done with the place.

Check out the accompanying article to learn more about Lucs and how she uses the tiny apartment to fit her needs.

27 Orchard St
Matt Coneybeare

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