Here's Where New York City Dumps All of the Snow After a Blizzard

DNAinfo recently published this great interactive map showing the various sites around the City where the Department of Sanitation moves snow to melt on its own, or to be melted with huge machines.

In the wake of the Jan. 22 blizzard, snow was trucked to 48 sites around the city — including a Queens high school and beaches and parks across the five boroughs — where snow was either "disposed" of, which means piled and left to melt in the sun or melted manually using high-powered machines, according to the DSNY snow plan. The city uses melters that are capable of superheating up to 135 tons of snow into water per hour, "which is then discharged directly into city sewers," according to the DSNY site.

Check out the map's accompanying article for more info.

via DNAinfo

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