Here's the New York City Neighborhoods With the Worst Rat Problems

Local software developer and data visualization enthusiast Thatcher Clay recently compiled these great maps and graphs for his site urban_calc that show which neighborhoods have the highest amounts of rat sightings in New York City.

In total, since 2010 there have been 78k rat sightings (and 25k mouse sightings) reported by New Yorkers. Which borough is the most rodent infested? That distinction goes to Brooklyn, with a combined 34k rat and mouse sightings reported. Then comes Manhattan with 27k, the Bronx with 21k, Queens with 15k, and last is Staten Island, with only 4.5k sightings. I guess rats don’t like commuting on the Staten Island ferry.

Check out the accompanying article for more maps and graphs, as well as methodology and insight into the data.

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