Here's How Tribeca's Arcade Bakery Creates Their Incredibly Photogenic Bread

Have you ever tried to baking a picturesque loaf of bread with even, symmetrical features that inevitably turns out to be a misshapen blob?

This video from Eater shows a sneak peek into how Tribeca's Arcade Bakery bakes beautiful, aesthetically pleasing bread. The mesmerizing process is a fascinating watch.

Ever wonder how the bread from your favorite bakery gets baked into such intricate designs? The answer is scoring, a technique that involves slicing particular slits into the top of risen but un-baked loaves to yield beautiful patterns after their time in the oven. Watch the video above to see how one bakery — Arcade Bakery, in New York’s Tribeca neighborhood — scores some of their most popular loaves.

Currently, Arcade Bakery is closed for summer break, but be sure to check them out when they reopen Wednesday, September 7th.

via Eater

Joshua Mu

Joshua Mu

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