Here's How to Master Different Types of Omakase at New York City Sushi Restaurants

Omakase, literally meaning "I'll leave it up to you", is a type of tasting menu you get at finer Sushi restaurants where the chef prepares small bites of whatever he feels will taste best that day. Using in-season fish and the freshest ingredients, Omakase is perhaps the tastiest way to experience sushi. There are many different approaches to Omakase however, explore a few of them in this video from Zagat.

Eating sushi and sashimi of any kind can be adventurous, but if you want to make the most of your night out for sushi, your best bet is to try omakase tasting menus. Zagat editor Billy Lyons visited three Manhattan based sushi restaurants - Kosaka, Sushi Seki, and Sushi Nakazawa - to learn from firsthand from the sushi chefs themselves why eating seasonal fishes is the best way to improve your sushi game.

via Zagat

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