Here's How Brooklyn Roasting Company Makes Their Epic Rainbow Lattes

Brooklyn Roasting Company is a local coffee shop that offers fair trade, organic, rainforest alliance certified coffees and espressos that are roasted by hand on a daily basis.

In this short from video producer Jessica Leibowitz, see exactly how the coffee shop makes their beautiful rainbow lattes.

The first thing you need to know about rainbow lattes is that you probably don’t ever want to drink one. In this case, the food coloring will leave a metallic taste in your mouth. So what is the point even? Uh, by that reasoning, what’s the point of rainbows? The rainbow latte, unlike the rainbow bagel, was never meant to be a consumable viral item—the colorful method is used in training baristas in latte art. By just using milk, no coffee is wasted in the process.

Check out the accompanying article for more.

via Gothamist

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