Here's How Bronx Brewery and Sfoglini Pasta Shop Makes Their Collaborative BxB Radiatore Pasta

Sfoglini Pasta Shop is a small pasta manufacturer located in the old Pfizer Factory Building in Brooklyn that serves up fresh pasta to some of New York City's best Italian restaurants. The Bronx Brewery is a small craft beer brewery in Port Morris, Bronx, that brews over 20 different pale ales since first opening in late 2014.

In this video from Eater's Deconstructed series, watch what goes into a collaborative pasta between the two companies, and see it made into a delicious Beef Shank Ragu at Emily in Clinton Hill.

This week’s episode of Deconstructed highlights a truly New York product, from origin to plate: BxB radiatore pasta, a collaboration between the Bronx Brewery and Sfoglini Pasta Shop. The spent grain leftover from making the brewery’s rye pale ale is gathered and shipped to Sfoglini, a pasta production company in Bed-Stuy, where it becomes a batch of intricate radiatore-shaped pasta. The BxB pasta is sent to markets, specialty stores, and restaurants in the area, including Emily in Fort Greene, a husband-and-wife-owned restaurant where the BxB radiatore features prominently on their fall menu, in a house-made beef shank ragu.

via Eater

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