Here's a Photo Collection of Jeremy Levenbach's Butt Around the City [NSFW]

Jeremy Levenbach, with the help of his bare butt, has taken the City by storm. Levenbach has been publicly stripping down and posing nude in front of popular tourist spots, behind famous comedians, and with openminded friends and strangers to maintain his hilariously entertaining Instagram account - @levenbutt.

The first of the photos was taken as a joke, naturally, on Levenbach's former roof in the East Village in 2012. After taking a few more of his NSFW photos around the city, Levenbach enlisted the help of his photography-savvy friends to help him create a dedicated photo series of his backside.

Check out the Levenbutt on Instagram and Tumblr.

via Mashable

Brindsi Liberty

Brindsi Liberty

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