Gregg T's 'See Something, Say Something' Meme Rapidly Turning Viral

Gregg T
Gregg T
Photo: Vox

If you hang out on /r/nyc then you have probably seen dozens of threads with comments like "Somebody better call Gregg T" or "Gregg's on it", referring to this man who, according to the MTA ad campaign plastered all over the subway, "saw something and said something."

Our friends at Vox have been tracking the "Gregg T" meme and wrote all about it.

Gregg T’s unlikely memeification has served as a source of humor, frustration, and even unlikely inspiration for New Yorkers and internet denizens alike. […] Like most memes, this one contains a touch of politics amid the whimsy. But unlike most memes, this one was born directly out of, er, anti-terrorist ads.

Check out the full article to read more about Gregg with two g's.

via Vox

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