Full 6-Part "Queens of Kings" Web Series Exploring Brooklyn Drag Scene Available Now

Earlier this month we brought to you the trailer for Queens of Kings, a 6-part documentary from Refinery29 and the creator of the excellent No Your City documentary series.

We are happy to announce that the full series has been released, and it exceptionally highlights the lifestyles of Brooklyn’s underground drag stars.

Director and editor Nicolas Heller told Viewing NYC:

As far as I was concerned, aside from Ru Paul's Drag Race, there isn't any content out there that covers the current state of drag. RPDR is pretty mainstream, so like most of the work I do, I wanted to highlight the underground. It was pretty coincidental that all the Queens are Brooklyn based. Ideally I would like people with no drag knowledge to watch this. Before this project, I was one of those people. Now I am obsessed with the scene. You don't have to be gay to enjoy drag. It's an amazing art form that everyone should give a chance. I just want to shed a light on these up and coming queens. They are all so talented and creative. Each one has a story.

You can watch all 6 episodes on Refinery29, starting with Charlene's inspiring story above.

Brindsi Liberty

Brindsi Liberty

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