Fuerza Bruta, a Modern, Artistic and Acrobatic Off-Broadway Theater Experience

The acrobatic Fuerza Bruta off-broadway show has been around in Union Square’s Daryl Roth Theater for a long time, but have just reinvigorated their show with brand new acts and an exciting performance that will wow everybody.

The Fuerza Bruta folks are back, with a new show that weaves together old and new material. As with its original, long-running incarnation, the current production breaks free from the confines of spoken language and theatrical convention. Both performers and audience are immersed in an environment that floods the senses, evoking pure visceral emotion in a place where individual imagination soars. Or to put it another way, be ready for strobe lights, loud noise, water, mist and fog.

Check out the website for more info and tickets for Fuerza Bruta.

via NYCGo

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