Food Warriors Explore Far Rockaway to Find Best Food Near Beach 90 Street A Train Subway Station

The Internets Celebrities explore Queens' Far Rockaway neighborhood for this episode of their excellent Food Warriors web-series.

To find the best eats near the Beach 90 Street A train subway station, the duo questions several locals off the street to make a short list, then tries a bunch of them to see who's best.

At Beach 90th and Mott Ave the Food Warriors took the A all the way to the ocean. At the last stops on our journey, we got a tip from a token booth clerk to check out Rockaway Beach Surf Club for their winter ramen. And then hit the tracks once more to the eastern-most station in the system, Mott Avenue, where we found a diamond in the rough: Ralph’s Diner.

This episode had two final picks: Ralph's Diner on Mott Ave and Rockaway Beach Surf Club on Beach 87th, two restaurants with completely different vibes.

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