"Flex is Kings", a Documentary About Brooklyn Street Dance Style Flexing

Based around three Brooklyn natives, Flex is Kings, is an all-telling documentary that tells the story of a both physically demanding and intricate art form called flexing, while simultaneously detailing the personal lives of three East New York dancers: Flizzo, Reem, and Jay Donn.

Flex is Kings is a riveting and awe-inspiring look inside the world of Brooklyn street dancing known as "flexing." Directors Michael Beach Nichols and Deidre Schoo take audiences along on the emotional journey of several young dancers; dancers who vie for a chance to make something of themselves by battling it out through this DIY artform.

The film is available for download on iTunes and Vimeo, and there will be an additional screening on July 17th, 7:30pm at the Maysles Documentary Center.

Ravey Redd

Ravey Redd

Contributing Writer

Hailing from Fairfield County, Raven is currently a student pursuing a degree in Journalism. She is a fan of blogging, hiphop music, and all things Starbucks related. Raven can be found exploring all that NYC has to offer.

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