Find Out Which New York City Restaurants Used To Be Raunchy Sex Clubs

Shake Shack, Theater District
Shake Shack, Theater District
Photo: Shake Shack

Many fancy and popular dining spots in the City used to be sex clubs back in the day.

Our friends at Paper Mag made this cool list of all the restaurants, including the Shake Shack in Midtown that has a past you wouldn't expect.

Tourists line up for upscale burgers and other treats at this Times Square destination known for sassy snacking. Little do they know that on the very same site was the all-male porn theater the Adonis, which, until its shuttering in 1994, hosted dirty movies and raunchy real-life blow jobs among the customers, all creating a multimedia skankfest of delight. Lots of hot dogs on display! With cheese!

Check out the full article for more.

via Paper Mag

Veronika Kostova

Veronika Kostova

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