Exploring a Lost and Rediscovered Subway Tunnel in Brooklyn

Clearing the smoke of the legend and speculation, the long-lost Cobble Hill Subway Tunnel was rediscovered years ago by Brooklyn urban explorer and transit enthusiast Bob Diamond.

Located under Atlantic Avenue in Cobble Hill, Diamond proved many experts wrong when he investigated the tunnel himself, and rediscovered the first subway tunnel ever built in America. Many came for Diamond's official tours of the tunnel to investigate the mystery for themselves, but returned time and time again for the draw of Diamond's surreal discovery story. Diamond is no longer allowed in the tunnel, outraging many as he had 32 years with not a single incident.

Bob Diamond was a 20-year-old engineer when he discovered the Atlantic Avenue subway tunnel. After 30 years, he's no longer allowed to go inside.

Check out the captivating video above from our friends at The Verge, then read the accompanying article for more information.

via The Verge

Johanna Cyran

Johanna Cyran

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