Edenworks' Rooftop Aquaponic "Farmlab" Uses Tilapia Fish to Grow Fresh Produce

Farmlab by Edenworks, The Future of Farming
Farmlab by Edenworks, The Future of Farming
Photo: Edenworks

Sitting atop a non-descript East Williamsburg warehouse on Johnson is a rooftop farm from Edenwoks that is not like any other rooftop farm you have seen before.

At the bottom of the tiered stacks are tilapia-filled fish tanks, which provide the water and nutrients for the garden’s produce. As the water is carried up to the top of the stacks, it is filtered, breaking down bacteria into fertilizer and subsequently feeding the plants in the process. The beds then emit clean water that is pumped back into the fish tanks below, where the process begins again.

The fully hydroponic farm system and tilapia habitat setup is a proof of concept model that will be refined, then built on a larger scale in LIC later this year. Check out Edenworks for more info on Farmlab.

via Inhabitat

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