Dual-Faced Goddess Sculpture May Be Installed in Union Square This Summer

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This bust depicting a female version of the Roman god Janus, is set to rise in June in the pedestrian plaza in Union Square.
Photo: DNAinfo

If all goes according to plan, a brand new ornament may be added to the pedestrian plaza on 14th Street in Union Square. The 10-foot tall sculpture, depicting a female version of the Roman god Janus, would add a Romanesque flair to the already eccentric Union Square.

The piece, part of a larger exhibition by South African artist Lionel Smit called “Morphous”, depicts Janus — whose two faces show his ability to see both the past and the future — as a woman of the Cape Malay community, a majority Muslim ethnic group in South Africa with roots in Southeast Asia.

Taken from a larger exhibit by South African artist, Lionel Smith, the two-faced sculpture is likely to replace the already standing “My Circle” sculpture in the middle of Union Square. If approved by the Parks Department, this carving could be installed as early as June 2016.

Union Square Park

via DNAinfo

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