"Don't Even Think of Parking Here" Highlights the Insanity of Alternate Side Parking in NYC

Street parking in New York City is tough, especially when there are neighborhood pros like these who, twice a week, move their cars for an hour and a half only to reclaim their former spots on the curb. Not every neighborhood is like this, but in the dense residential neighborhood of the Upper West Side, parking it cutthroat. Check it out in this funny video from local film director Ernie Fritz.

“Don’t Even Think of Parking Here” is short, humorous look at this most reviled of New York City experiences - Alternate Side of the Street Parking. Brief interviews with a sample selection of “Upper West Siders” as they go about the ritual of double-parking, waiting, waiting, waiting… and then pouncing to get a “spot good for tomorrow”, mixed with interviews with “Gridlock Sam” and Calvin Trillin brings this quintessential endeavor to the screen.

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via YouTube

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