Despite Threat of Arrest, Subways Dancers Continue to Hustle and Busk on Trains

It's showtime! Everybody sees it, most enjoy it, some ignore it and some hate it. However you feel about Subway dancing, it is all over the City right now, and the Litefeet-style dance teams are digging in and taking ahold of one of the most lucrative ways of busking, despite threats of arrest by the NYPD.

Litefeet is a style of street dancing that grew out of hip-hop. It's performed across New York City by dance teams - many of whom perform on the city's subway for donations. The best teams can acquire a world-wide following on social media, but the city is cracking down on subway performers, who often run afoul of public safety and solicitation laws. The New York City Police department arrested 358 dancers in 2014.

The last figures available show 36 arrests in January 2015, a 42% increase compared to the same month last year. One group, Lyve Tyme, spoke to the BBC Trending about why they keep dancing despite the risk of arrest.

via BBC

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