Depressing Infographic Shows How Much House You Can Buy for $500k in NYC vs. Other Cities

This interesting—yet depressing—infographic from real estate website TitleMax compares the median price per square foot of 30 different large American cities to see how big of a house you can get for $500,000. Surprisingly, New York City is not at the bottom of the list. Everybody knows that Manhattan, and the parts of Brooklyn and Queens that are closest to it, are very expensive, but when combined with Staten Island, The Bronx, and the outer parts of Brooklyn and Queens, NYC prices are not the worst. Check it out:

What Size Home Can You Get for $500k In 30 American Cities?
What Size Home Can You Get for $500k In 30 American Cities?
Photo: TitleMax

Be sure to check out the accompanying article for more analysis into the median U.S. price-per-square-foot data.

via TitleMax

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