Deals: MoviePass Offers Unlimited Movies in New York City Theaters for Just $49 Per Month

Moviepass Offers Unlimited Movies in Theaters for Just $49 a Month
Moviepass Offers Unlimited Movies in Theaters for Just $49 a Month
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Just live everyone else, New Yorkers love to see movies in the theater. We also love to save money whenever possible so we can afford to pay rent. Enter MoviePass.

MoviePass offers unlimited movies in theaters for a low monthly subscription of $49. If you go to more than 2 movies a month, it pays for itself. You can't see more than 1 per day, or the same movie twice, but it's still a fantastic deal.

The way it works is pretty simple:

  1. Signup for a free trial 2. They send you a credit card to use when purchasing tickets 3. When there is a movie you want to see, you check-in to the theater using their iOS or Android app, then use the supplied credit card when it comes time to pay

If you are smart, you will also sign up for the movie theaters loyalty cards and get free movies and goodies on top of the free tickets.

Start your 2-week free trial at

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