Could Sammy's Halal Food Cart Claim the Best Cheap Gyro in New York City?

In a city where a Halal food cart exists on nearly every corner, where can you go to find the best one? In this episode of the excellent Operation $5 Lunch series from our friends at Thrillist, watch as host Prez tries the gyro at Sammy's Halal Food in Greenwich Village, one cart which has won a Vendy Award, one of the City's most coveted food awards.

Gyros are a classic meal that you can get around New York City at almost any time on any given day. They're cheap, delicious, and hit the spot (especially after a long night). But there is one place in NYC that is getting all the recommendations and on this episode of Operation $5 Lunch we're going to take you there -- Sammy's Halal food truck in the West Village.

via Thrillist

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