Comical and Gruesome Animated Short of a Larry the Birdman Story in Washington Square Park

Block Talk with Larry the Birdman is a comical yet gruesome animated short told by Washington Square Park character Larry the Birdman about a dog being snatched up by a hawk and eaten on the top of the Washington Square Arch.

The audio was part of an interview with one of our favorite local filmmakers, Nico Heller.

Last year, I randomly recorded a great story from my favorite NYC character, Larry the Birdman. Shortly after re-listening, I thought it would look great as an animation… A year later, here it is!

Directed by Heller, the short was produced by Evan Zampella and animated by the talented Sachio Cook.

Submitted via Viewing NYC Tips

Washington Square Park
Matt Coneybeare

Matt Coneybeare

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