Cold War Era Bomb Shelter Hidden in the Brooklyn Bridge

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Hidden Bunker in the Brooklyn Bridge
Photo: Stanley Greenberg

Inside the Brooklyn Bridge on the Brooklyn side hides a cavernous complex of eight 50-foot tall spaces called the Brooklyn Bridge Anchorage. These cathedral-like rooms were walled off and used for storage for many years, until 1983, when art installations we placed there as part of the bridge’s centennial. Art exhibits were installed in the anchorage until 2001.

The Brooklyn Bridge Anchorage is located inside the base of the Brooklyn Bridge at Cadman Plaza West at the intersection of Hicks Street and Old Fulton Street in Brooklyn. To get there, walk down Cadman Plaza West toward the river under the BQE overpass, the Anchorage entrance is to the right. Unfortunately, the Anchorage is no longer open to the public.


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