Chef's Night Out in the Lower East Side with Leah Cohen

Vice's Munchies series recently followed chef Leah Cohen from Southeast Asian joint Pig & Khao in the Lower East Side as she went for a night out in the City.

After jumping on the line real quick, Leah and her crew head out from Pig & Khao just down the street to Taquitoria for some taquitos and rum ‘n’ cokes. Then it’s off to Edi and the Wolf a few avenues over for some spaetzle, schnitzel, white wine, and whiskey shots (this is where things begin to get fuzzy for Leah). Next, the crew hops in a cab to visit their friends at Black Crescent and see how their renovations are going, and after stumbling in and stumbling out, Leah walks back over to Pig & Khao and is welcomed by a party very excited to see her. She starts to cook some pad Thai, but thankfully, her staff is there to help out and finish it off.

via Munchies

Matt Coneybeare

Matt Coneybeare

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