Check Out This Vintage Anti-Prohibition Map of Manhattan Printed on a Puzzle From 1932

Puzzle map of Manhattan from 1932
Puzzle map of Manhattan from 1932
Photo: r/nyc

This vintage map of Manhattan from 1932 may not be the most accurate depiction of the borough we have ever seen, but it's a great map none-the-less. Printed onto a puzzle, the map's large pieces do not mean it was intended for children, but rather that it was mean to be solved easily for adults. Showing all of the City's famous drinking establishments, the puzzle was created to spread an anti-prohibition message:

Most map jigsaw puzzles help teach children about geography, but this map puzzle was intended for adults supporting an end to Prohibition. The 18th Amendment -- adopted in 1920 -- prohibited the manufacture and sale of alcoholic beverages; and by the early 1930s many voters sought its repeal. This puzzle depicts landmark taverns found throughout Manhattan before Prohibition and also provides recipes for cocktails.

Check out the specimen page in the Henry Ford collection to learn more about this vintage puzzle.

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