Check Out This Documentary About the Wolff-Alport Site, New York City's Most Radioactive Location

The Wolff-Alport Site, New York City's most radioactive location is on the corner of Irving Avenue and Moffat Street on the Bushwick-Ridgewood border. Check out this New Yorker video explaining the history of how it became so radioactive.

The video was made in wake of the EPA considering adding the location to its Superfund program, responsible for cleaning up the nation's most contaminated land. The area has since been designated a Superfund site.

Currently, the EPA is preparing to perform a remedial investigation to fully characterize the nature and extent of contamination at the Site. This investigation will involve several activities including collection of soil samples as deep as 30 feet below ground surface, installation of several monitoring wells and collection of groundwater samples, collection of sediment samples from Newtown Creek, radiation surveys and radon testing.

Check out this interactive timeline of the Wolff-Alport Site and read the full EPA report for more information.

Joshua Mu

Joshua Mu

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