Check Out the Famous KronnerBurger Coming To Two Brooklyn Pop-ups This Week

The KronnerBurger
The KronnerBurger

Chris Kronner, chef of the hottest burgers in the SF Bay area will be bringing his famous KronnerBurger to two pop-ups in Brooklyn this week.

Kronner uses a mixture of dry-aged beef, unaged grass-fed Angus beef, and short-rib and neck trim for his namesake burger. It’s topped with aged white cheddar mayo, charred red onions, dill pickles, and iceberg lettuce, and a salt-roasted bone marrow can be added on top.

Kronner will be at Achilles Heel in Greenpoint from 6pm to 10pm on Wednesday, and at the former Isa space in Williamsburg from 7pm to 12pm on Thursday. Neither event requires a reservation.

Joshua Mu

Joshua Mu

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