Check Out Mike Hot-Pence, a NYC Impersonator and Street Performer Raising Money for Anti-Pence Causes

Mike Hot-Pence is a Mike Pence look-alike and impersonator that wears no pants and collects donations for causes that the real Mike Pence would despise. In this video from producer Allison Lau for NY City Lens, check out this Times Square busker like no other.

Glen Pannell, 51, is a graphic designer by day and, as it happens, a near dead ringer for former Indiana Governor Mike Pence, our new vice president. And ever since Pence and Donald Trump were elected, Pannell has found a unique way of protesting their reign: He has been dressing up as a sexy version of the vice president and raising money for causes that the real Pence would probably never support.

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Matt Coneybeare

Matt Coneybeare

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