Casper's Nap Tour Brings Mobile Mattresses to the City Starting Tomorrow

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Seven Cities. One Perfect Mattress. A Zillion ZZZ’s.
Photo: Casper

If you have ridden the subway in the past year you have probably seen the clever ads for Casper mattresses.

Casper’s whole deal is that you get a mattress delivered free to your apt to try free for 100 nights. If you like it, pay for it, if not they will pick it up for free too.

For those still apprehensive about the mattress, the company is now embarking on a mobile “nap tour” in which a huge truck has beds setup in it so you can try out a mattress in person.

We’re putting a nap on wheels and bringing it to a city near you. Nod off in one of the napmobile’s four pods and experience the Casper from the comfort of your hometown.

The Nap Tour is in the City this weekend, at Madison Square Park tomorrow and in Williamsburg at N. 6th and Bedford on Saturday.

Check out Casper’s Nap Tour webpage for more info.

Matt Coneybeare

Matt Coneybeare

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