Brooklyn's Industry City Distillery Will Revolutionize Your Cocktails

Industry City Distillery puts all of its competitors to shame with its newest addition of spirits and vodka. The Brooklyn-based experimental distillery pursues the creation of better craft spirits through science.

ICD's newest addition and claim to fame is their use of Technical Reserve, a 191.2% proof (95.6% ABV) neutral spirit designed for making bitters, tinctures, infusions, and craft spirits. As the highest proof spirit made in the U.S., Technical Reserve makes a hell of a strong drink.

The distillery's signature vodka, dubbed the Industry Standard is distilled from sugar beets with hints of florals, fruits, vanilla, and spice.

Distilled from sugar beets on equipment we designed and built by hand right here in Brooklyn, NY, Industry Standard boasts a flavor profile as unique as the process we use to make it. The nose hints at subtle fruits, with layered complexity beneath. On tasting, light florals open up into a warm, smooth flavor and rich texture, and finish with delicious fruit notes, hints of vanilla, and a touch of spice.

Check out ICD's blog, Vodka Science on tumblr, or buy Industry Standard Vodka online.

Alexandra Hudson

Alexandra Hudson

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