Brooklyn on Demand, a Video Streaming Service Focusing Solely on Brooklyn Based Films

Brooklyn on Demand is a video streaming service which offers free and paid movies, shorts and documentaries, all of which have a Brooklyn connection. Most are filmed in Brooklyn, others are created by Brooklyn filmmakers and crews, many deal with the borough as a subject matter.

The MTA McConaughey video above is an example of a comedic short featured on the site, created by "Brooklyn's Worst" comedy collective The Shorts Show.

BKOD, which is produced by The Art of Brooklyn Film Festival, offers independent filmmakers a choice in how they market their work after they've completed their festival run. The site features exclusive Premium titles (50% of each rental goes back to the filmmaker) and a growing list of free flicks from filmmakers who prefer not to charge for views.

Click through to Brooklyn on Demand to check out all of the free and rentable films available.

Matt Coneybeare

Matt Coneybeare

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Matt enjoys exploring the City's with his partner and son. He is an avid marathon runner, and spends most of his time eating, running, and working on cool stuff.

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