Brooklyn Based Painter Alyssa Monks Describes the "Connection" Behind Her Art

In Connection by filmmakers Brass Brothers Films, Brooklyn based painter Alyssa Monks discusses her art, and the connection she feels with her art, the subject and the viewer. Alyssa says that her

...intent is to transcend both my subject and the paint itself. I aim to discover something that resonates as deeply as my often-vulnerable inner experience. Transferring an expression of this human experience to someone who will really open and relate to it creates human connection.

In the video, she goes on to explain

We need to feel like we belong to this experience, we need to know our place, we need to know where we fit. We need to feel that we're accepted for who we are. So the goal you may think is to, get a show, get press or to make money or to have fame. But it's not, the thing we all really want is to feel connected.

Alyssa paints out of her amazing Brooklyn studio.

via Vimeo

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