Brooklyn Artist to Make 2,340 PB&J Sandwiches Over 5 Days in Homage to Mother

Ditmas Park artist Jessica Olah has embarked on a crazy self-challenge… to create 13 years worth of PB&J sandwiches that her mother made her growing up in just 5 days.

“I was bringing someone their lunch [one day] and just marveling over the fact that my mom made me school lunches everyday,” said Olah, 30. “I stopped and thought, ‘Wow, my mom made me lunch every day, not only when I was younger but until high school.’ That is a lot of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.”

Olah estimated 2,340 lunches made over 13 years, leading to 468 sandwiches per day for this project. If you want to see Olah live, head to Specials on C in Alphabet City before the last day on Sunday.

via DNAinfo

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