Meet Walter Momentè, New York City's Sandwich Master at Midtown's Alidoro

Alidoro is a popular lunch spot in Midtown East serving up Italian specialty sandwiches with piles of prosciutto, salami, hot and sweet peppers, and other traditional Italian ingredients.

In this short from video producer Jessica Leibowitz, watch as the man behind the sandwiches, chef/owner Walter Momentè explains what the sandwiches are all about.

There are about 40 different options on the menu (ranging from vegetarian to very, very not vegetarian) stuffed with the freshest ingredients and offered on a selection of breads (most are scooped in preparation!). Momentè pours the same amount of passion into coming up with new sandwiches as he does into assembling them, which you'll see in the video above—but he also sources and makes all of the ingredients, hand-picking and purchasing items like fresh mozzarella every morning on his way in.

via Gothamist

Matt Coneybeare

Matt Coneybeare

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