"Brendan Sagalow" on NYC Pads: a Funny Web Series Like MTV Cribs But for Normal New Yorkers

NYC Pads is a funny web series that is in the same vein as MTV's "Cribs" where a celebrity's home is toured during the show. The twist is that the people in the NYC Pads videos are normal New Yorkers with shitty apartments. In this episode from the series, watch as hosts Maddy and Caroline explore the Astoria, Queens home of "random white dude" and comedian Brendan Sagalow.

Brendan Sagalow takes Maddy and Caroline through his apartment and his tattoos. Will they ever recover from the horrors they see? Will Brendan regret using all of his lotion for a medium funny bit?

via NYC Pads

Matt Coneybeare

Matt Coneybeare

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