Bowery Bay Beach, Queen's Coney Island; Inside Bushwick's Bookeepers; Awful Speed Dating in BK

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There is a lot of stuff going on the City, and we can’t write about it all. Here are some interesting things some of our friends have written up lately.

  • 6sqft The History of Bowery Bay Beach, the Coney Island of Queens
  • Bushwick Daily Inside Bookeepers, The New Bushwick Clothing, Books and Coffee Spot Neighboring Norbert’s
  • Brokelyn Watch: Video Shows Why Speed Dating in Brooklyn Is Awful
  • Gothamist The Story Behind Lucinda Grange’s Insane Photo Sitting Atop The Chrysler Building Eagle
  • Greenpointers McCarren Park Pool Now Open Through Labor Day
  • Hey Ridge How Parking Your Car on the Street Became Legal in Brooklyn
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