Blue York Acoustic Buoy Is Constantly Listening for Whales Off the Coast of New York

Blue York
Blue York
Photo: WCS

Blue York is the name of a new initiative from the Wildlife Conservation Society and the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution which is placing acoustic buoys off the coast of New York City in order to detect and learn from rare whale species in the area.

On November 14th, the hi-tech buoy named “Melville” detected the telltale “up call” of the North Atlantic right whale, one of the world’s highly endangered whale species that numbers only 500 individual animals. It is the second detection of a North Atlantic right whale made by the buoy since October 26th. The acoustic buoy made another rare find on October 31st with the detection of a sei whale, a species that grows up to 65 feet in length and is rarely observed in New York waters.

Check out the project page to learn more about Blue York.

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