"Billion Oyster Project", a Local High School's Ambitious Plan to Restore New York Harbor's Oyster Population

New York Harbor School is a New York City Public High School located on Governors Island. In case you weren't paying attention to that previous sentence, the high school is located on an island which has a population of 0, so the students come from all over the City and have to take the ferry every day. The Billion Oyster Project is a program that the school started with a long term goal of reintroducing a billion live oysters into the once-rich New York Harbor.

A billion oysters would filter the standing volume of New York Harbor, which is about 74 billon gallons, once every three days. So our hope is that putting the oysters back in the water will clean the water, and provide the necessary foraging and nursing habitat for different fish species that spawn here, and return the Hudson river back to what it used to be like.

If you would like to donate or volunteer (all ages can help, not just high school students), check out the Billion Oyster Project for more information.

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