Barney's Holiday Window Has A Crazy Kinetic Sculpture

There is much to see down 5th Avenue in midtown over the holidays. We previously wrote about some serious art behind the Bergdorf Goodman's Holiday Display, and now we see this storefront from Barney's which is equally amazing. It is a kinetic metal sculpture, moving around itself and twisting in unexpected ways like exploding snowflakes. The art was done by Anthony Howe over the past few months. Barney's dedicated window blog says:

These handmade kinetic sculptures, previously only seen as outdoor wind machines, come to life within the window—the first time Howe’s work has been shown in an interior space. The movement of these spirited characters is entirely generated by wind machines, which sets them into mesmerizing motion.

via YouTube

Matt Coneybeare

Matt Coneybeare

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