Legendary "42nd Street Ballroom" Sculpture Returns This Weekend to Port Authority Bus Terminal

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The Port Authority Bus Terminal is known for many things, but it rarely is associated with the positive aspects of life.

Installed inside Port Authority in 1983, the beloved 42nd Street Ballroom sculpture by George Rhodes was often in a state of disrepair, much like its host. A few years ago, the kinetic sculpture was sent away for repairs, and it is finally back this weekend, to the delight of commuters and straphangers.

When it is back up and running, it should look the same — with one difference: rather than being activated by a motion sensor when people walked by, the sculpture will run on a timer. The goal: to give it a break once in a while in what is the busiest bus terminal in the country. The sculpture will also have a push button, so that viewers can turn it on at will.

via WNYC

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