Analyzing the Foreign Coins Thrown Into the Bryant Park Fountain

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Fountains of Fortune and the Bryant Park “Hoard”

A very interesting article was published in the Summer issue of the American Numismatic Society Magazine that explores the foreign coins collected from the famous Bryant Park Fountain to see what they tell about tourism in the park.

In the spirit of the ancient Celts flinging, throwing or sinking coins into lakes, rivers, and wells, or ancient Greeks paying their tribute to the resident nymph of fountain- shrines—thousands toss coins into Platt’s fountain ev- ery year, mostly US coins, but also hundreds of foreign ones. This is a study of the foreign coins collected over the course of a year, a “hoard” that tells us a great deal about the visitors to the Big Apple.

Check out the full article for analysis and takeaways from the foreign coin data.

Matt Coneybeare

Matt Coneybeare

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