Actually, No: a Mockumentary Series Focusing on Brooklyn's Underrepresented Characters

Actually, No is a new comedic series on BRIC that presents underrepresented Brooklynites - those that may or may not actually exist - and makes a mocumentary about their story.

In this episode from the series, watch as emergins street artist AQUA shows off his skills in a new graffiti sub-genre, Mini-Graff.

AQUA is a graffiti artist in Brooklyn NYC and he's part of a whole new graff scene—Mini-Graff. He's bringing avant-garde trends to street art as he fits his big ideas into tiny tagging "master" pieces. We also meet Detective Holder who has developed a special task force under the current district attorney. Will AQUA be able to continue to make it small? Or will the NYPD crack down bring this subculture to its knees?

Check out BRIC to watch more episodes from the series.


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