A Detailed Analysis of the Yankees Logo Design Throughout the Years

The Yankees’ Top Hat Emblem and the Three Logos of 1946.
The Yankees’ Top Hat Emblem and the Three Logos of 1946.
Photo: Todd Radom

New York native designer Todd Radon has designed some of the world's most recognized icons, including "the official logos for Super Bowl XXXVIII and the 2009 NBA All Star Game, as well as the graphic identity for Major League Baseball’s Washington Nationals and Los Angeles Angels."

In this 2014 article, Radon gives a full history and analysis of the iconic New York Yankees "top hat" logo.

Very few logos of any kind can truly be considered to be “iconic.” The New York Yankees’ primary logo is one such visual identity. The trademark is now nearly 70 years old. Like many corporate symbols, it has evolved slightly during that timespan. As familiar as it is, its origins and early progression toward what is now so recognizable are not well known.

Check out the full article for an interesting read on sports logo design.

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