3D New Yorker, a New Photoblog That Captures Random New Yorkers on the Street With Hypnotic 3D GIFs

New York City based freelance graphic designer / art director / filmmaker / photographer Oskar White has an amazing new project titled 3D New Yorker in which he captures random New Yorkers on the street with a special old-school film camera that snaps 4 shots at once, then he combines them into a 3D GIF that lets you see the shot from multiple angles simultaneously.

The result is a hypnotic and captivating look at strangers, evoking a Humans of New York intimacy, but with a unique twist, a classic look with a modern vision.

Mr. White was kind enough to answer a few questions for us.

How do you make the shots?

I use a 3D film camera from the 80s called the Nishika n8000 which has four lens in a row. After developing the film, you end up with 4 identical shots in a row, which I then scan in and turn into gifs.

What gave you the inspiration to do this?

Its a nice combination of many of my passions: People, Psychology, Photography, Art, Design, Fashion, Film, etc. I'm a big fan of Humans of New York (featured him on the blog even) and wanted to create something in that vain, but different enough. I decided to put a spotlight on people's careers and link to them and/or their work. Most New Yorkers are here to pursue their passions and are often largely defined by what they do. The 3D aspect of it just comes from a personal obsession those 3D gifs. I believe they have gone beyond being just a visual gimmick and have become a medium of their own. Its incredible how much more life it brings to a captured moment.

How do you pick your subjects?

I mostly look for people with good personal style, which works out well because those also tend to be artists, designers, and people with successful careers. This doesn't always mean good fashion, its more about the people that have learned to confidently define themselves externally. Ultimately there is no formula though, I look for what could make a good photo and for artist that I know to have good work. Thrilled so far to feature Brandon from Humans of New York, Actor/Comedian Billy Connolly, and coming up next Stefan Sagmeister and Jessica Walsh.

Follow 3D New Yorker for daily updates and more photos.

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