Takeaway Stats from the NYC Rent Guidelines Board's Housing Supply Report

apartments | New York City
apartments | New York City
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Data taken from the NYC Rent Guidelines Board's 2015 Housing Supply Report.

  • The citywide vacancy rate was 3.45% in 2014

  • Number of units citywide in accepted condo and coop plans:

    • 1987: 45,098
    • 2014: 9,573
  • More than 61% of NYC's rental housing stock units are in buildings constructed prior to 1947

  • A total of 1,513 buildings were demolished in 2014

    • 17.7% increase over the prior year, following an increase of 14.6% in 2013
    • Queens accounted for 36.7% of all the buildings demolished in 2014
  • New York City in 2014 had a total of 3,400,093 housing units

    • Of the 2,184,297 occupied and vacant rental units, 38.9% were unregulated, or 'free market'
    • The remaining units were rent regulated, including:
      • Pre-war (pre-47) rent stabilized (35.1%)
      • Post-war (post-46) rent stabilized (12.1%)
      • Rent control (1.2%)
      • Various other types of regulation programs (12.8%)
  • Permits for 20,483 new dwelling units were issued in New York City in 2014

    • 13.8% increase over the prior year
    • 5 consecutive years of increases
  • 12.2% of all rental housing in New York City in 2014 was overcrowded.

    • Defined as more than 1 person per room, on average
  • 4.7% of all rental housing in New York City in 2014 was severely overcrowded

    • Defined as an average of more than 1.5 persons per room
  • 35,000 Airbnb rentals listed

    • Up to 72% illegal rentals

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