191st Street Station Subway Tunnel Completely Covered in a Colorful Mural

Baltimore-based duo Jessie and Katey was recently one of 5 artist teams commissioned by the Department of Transportation to revamp the 900 foot tunnel and entrance of the 191st Street subway station in Washington Heights.

The once lackluster passage has been drenched in vibrant colors, shapes, and uplifting words in hopes of alleviating the mistrustful darkness that formerly engulfed the tunnel.

This video captures a behind the scenes look during the painting of this mural. I came by for a few hours each day to bring them snacks and shoot some photos/video. Despite a rain delay which washed away a whole day's work and being stuck in a relatively dark tunnel, they managed to always keep a positive outlook. Once the tunnel re-opened, it attracted people from all over NYC to come for a visit. Everyone seems to be really receptive of the color on the walls and now its the "selfie" tunnel.

191st Street Station
Brindsi Liberty

Brindsi Liberty

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