Your Corner Halal Truck May Soon Get Restaurant Letter Grades

Halal food cart | New York City. New York
Halal food cart | New York City. New York
Photo: minus6 (tuan)

A new bill in the State Senate sponsored by Senator Jose Peralta (Dem - Queens) and Assemblyman Marcos Crespo (Dem - Bronx) aims to place Department of Health restaurant-style letter placards on street food carts.

The letter-based grading system would be the same as restaurants, with the carts having to display their A, B or (probably) lower rating prominently where customers can see it.

Along with the new grades, other zoning and food-cart regulatory issues would be addressed, such as an official mediation process to help street cart vendors and business owners resolve conflicts.

The Daily News reports:

The bill […] is designed to address many of the tensions and issues between regular stores and food cart vendors as well as a black market food business that has grown over the years.

The bill cleared the Senate Cities Committee last week but it has not moved out of committee in the Assembly.

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