You Can Now Own a Print of the Funny "Your Train is Delayed" Viral MTA Poster

Earlier this year, we posted some funny fake posters that were appearing on the New York City subway and designed to look like official MTA announcements. Created by local graphic artist Winston Tseng, the funny poster officially declared that all lines would be delayed from January 1st through December 31st, basically all the time. The poster received a lot of news coverage, and even cease-and-desist letters from the MTA, and now you can officially own a copy for yourself.

I'm a graphic artist. For an art project,

I made a parody poster of the subway.

People liked it.

The authorities did not.

Check out the indiegogo page to learn more about the poster, and to grab one for yourself.

Service Update 1234567ACEBDFMGJZLNQRWS
👷🏻‍♂️👍🏻 #MTA #nycsubway
Service Update 1234567ACEBDFMGJZLNQRWS 👷🏻‍♂️👍🏻 #MTA #nycsubway
Photo: winstontseng

via Indiegogo

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