WNYC Asks: How Big Is Your Piece of the Park?

Girls swimming on a hot day in Washington Square Park.
Girls swimming on a hot day in Washington Square Park.

Almost 8 in 10 New Yorkers can walk to a small park and a large park in under 10 minutes says Alyssa Cobb Konon, the Assistant Commissioner for Planning and Parklands for the New York City Parks Department.

"We have a target that is to increase the number of New Yorkers within a walk to a park to 85 percent. Our timeline is by 2030" […] It matters how close your park is, but park professionals also look at how many neighbors you're sharing it with. Dense high-rises mean a lot more park-goers than a sparse neighborhood of single family homes. That’s where the open space ratio comes in. "We look at a measure of acres of parkland per thousand people... In New York City we have 2.83 acres per 1,000 residents citywide," says Cobb Konon.

To put that size in perspective, you have about 2 entire football fields to share with 999 of your neighbors.

Check out the accompanying article on WNYC for more info.

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